I called this piece 'Submerge' for a few reasons. Firstly, because it reminds me of inviting tropical waters that you just want to delve into, and float gently on your back feeling the refreshing water wash over you as it glimmers in the shining sun. Secondly, it's the sort of calming piece you can get lost in. It's tranquil colours are there to welcome you to a moment of peace- a deep breath on a busy day. 

Original acrylic painting and ink on canvas, with subtle shimmery highlights woven into the piece, that gleam and catch your eye in different levels of light.

My paintings are not about realism, detail or perfection. They are about colour, emotions and expression, pouring your heart onto a canvas, bare and exposed for others to see. Every brush stroke is a cathartic healing process, an escape from reality and into peace. The sky is my favourite subject to paint because it reminds me that in comparison to its vastness, we are so small. Life too is small, so live every moment of it.


Varnished and signed.  

Size: 40" x 30"


If you have any questions at all about this piece, or would like to see what it could look like hanging in your home please get in touch. 


*I understand that art is an investment. That is why payment options available to make it easier to purchase the art you love. Please get in touch and I'd be happy to discuss. 


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